We are highly sought-after tree care specialists who can help you with:

  • Expert Pruning to maintain the health of your trees
  • Soil Testing and Analysis
  • Select Landscaping
  • Difficult and Challenging Tree Removals
  • These pictures show the removal of an Elm that died as a result of Dutch Elm disease, combined with the fact that many of its roots were affected by a street and sidewalk renovation project. The tree was literally inches from the house. At the beginning of the flair roots, the tree was approximately six feet in diameter, relatively large for a Boston area tree.

    Crane Operator and climber coordinate
    placement of yellow sling around trunk
    Climber cuts tree with a very large chain saw

    Crane operator lifts section of tree
    away from the house
    Groundman and crane operator coordinate
    the placement of section into waiting truck

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